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Our Farm Animals and Pets

Happy, Healthy & Loved Farm Animals


Holland Lopps Rabbits

Holland Lopps are the best breed of Rabbits to have as pets.

They are intelligent and like to bond with their human owners more than most other rabbit breeds. All of our bunnies are raised with daily socialization with adults, children and other animals everyday as well as supervised free-range time on a daily basis. We also provide pedigrees for all of our rabbits when requested.

Chickens & Chicks

We have a large variety of multi-purpose chickens, egg laying hens, roosters and young chicks, including Road Island Reds, Coachins, Orpingtons, Sexlinks, Bar Rocks, Speckled Sussex, White Leghorns and others. All of our Roosters, Chickens and Chicks are given ample socialization and free-range daily. 

Available Pets: Available Pets
Boy Carrying Goat
Girl with her Dog
Pigmy & Nigerian X Pigmy Cross Goats

We have a both Pigmy, and Nigerian Dwarf & Pigmy Cross goats. They are are all socialized from young ages and most would make great pets due to their personality, and smaller body size. Both goats are dual purpose goats, with the most quality milk of any goat breed. All of our goats are free range everyday and are socialize with adults, children and other farm animals on a regular basis.  

German Shepard, Great Pyrenees & Shepanees 

Our pups are all very loved and have the opportunity to be raised and socialized around adults, children, and farm animals. These pups are both guardians. Pyrenees tend to want to guard the livestock while the German Shepards are more protective of your family. When they are bred together they are wonderful mix of both. 

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